The Truth About Dosage Amounts

So many consumers are throwing their money away by purchasing many products in a variety of forms that are underdosed. It does you no good to take insufficient amounts of Sea Moss or any other health-related products or supplements that end up providing you with little or no benefit! Then you end up paying 2-4 times more just to get the recommended dosage.

Many Sea Moss sellers offer 8, 9, 16oz jars of Sea Moss gel that, in our view, are doing consumers a disservice. They do this to sell more products because offering you less means the cost to you is less.

Collectively the industry defines a ‘serving’ of Sea Moss Gel as 1-2 Tablespoons and recommends a range of 1-2 servings per day. Converted to a unit of weight, in grams, that would be 4-8 grams per day. A 32oz jar containing 28oz of My Grind Is Organic Sea Moss gel has 28 servings per jar. Two jars are equivalent to a one-month industry recommended supply.

So, if we offered our customers smaller containers, we would be doing them a disservice. My Grind Is Organic is committed to being transparent, and to put our customers first.